D'Lux - Premium Anti RFID Leather Wallet 2019
D'Lux - Premium Anti RFID Leather Wallet 2019
D'Lux - Premium Anti RFID Leather Wallet 2019
D'Lux - Premium Anti RFID Leather Wallet 2019
D'Lux - Premium Anti RFID Leather Wallet 2019
D'Lux - Premium Anti RFID Leather Wallet 2019

D'Lux - Premium Anti RFID Leather Wallet 2019

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Elegant and Safe Solution for your money and cards.

Tired of your fat wallet while you are out?

No More huge and fat wallets. Luxus will teach you to be a minimalist with the essential things you really need. With it, you can put in your pockets what really matters the most to you.

Beside banknotes, D'Lux can hold up to 8 Cards for you with simplicity and elegance, in a way never seen before in a wallet.

If so, then it's time to make the switch to our Anti RFID Wallet. It is designed to be significantly thinner & lighter while still holding your IDs, credit cards & cash!


  • Quick access your cards
  • Protect Your Identity & Credit Card Info Built-In RFID Blocking 
  • Constructed from the premium military-grade material
  • Aluminium card  protector protects your cards

This card has two parts

  1. Anti-RFID: store important cards.
  2. RFID: easy to swipe at any time.

About Products

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Ultimately Thin & modern design
  • RFID secured, waterproof & scratch-proof
  • Sleek & Light. Fits in pockets of any kind
  • Item Width: 6.5cm
  • Item Length: 9.5cm
  • Extra Storage, can hold cash, coins or any small objects
  • Carrying Capacity: up to 10 credit cards, bank cards, drivers license, etc.

    Protect Your Identity & Credit Card Info w/ Built-In RFID Blocking

    • The Anti RFID Wallet is the best RFID blocking wallet on the market today. It protects your identity from RFID scanning thieves & electronic pickpockets. 

    • Anti RFID Wallet is constructed from the premium military-grade material that blocks all scanning attempts. 

    TIPs: there is a separate place to put cards in for RFID. This way if you have a gate pass card for work, such as I, you would not put it in the RFID section.

    The ergonomic thumb lever is designed for one-handed operation. One flick of your thumb and your cards are fanned, ready for you to select the card of your choice
    In a rush? With the Umikan Wallet's integrated quick-access card slot, you can easily withdraw your top card with your thumb in one swift motion.
    The D'Lux Wallet is only 0.3in (8mm), just 0.08in (2mm) thicker than the cards it's holding. Simply put, this is the thinnest wallet ever made.
    The D'Lux Wallet weighs exactly 1 ounce. Using the same materials as aircrafts and race cars, we managed to make the Fantom the same weight as a single slice of bread.

    This is What They Say.

    From Our Facebook page, this is what people with a D'Lux in their pockets says:

    Due to high demand please allow 5-15 days for your order to be delivered to your address (This applies to all United States and United Kingdom orders).

    All other countries worldwide typically take 5-20 days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you; however, we are 100% certain that you will enjoy your Premium Anti RFID Wallet upon delivery!

    We want to be different from Classic fashion brands, and offer you high-quality products at fair prices without breaking your bank account.

    Thank you for being one of our valued customers.

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