Reusable Invisible Freedom Bra
Reusable Invisible Freedom Bra
Reusable Invisible Freedom Bra
Reusable Invisible Freedom Bra
Reusable Invisible Freedom Bra
Reusable Invisible Freedom Bra

Reusable Invisible Freedom Bra

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🔥Lift Up Your Breast Today!!!🔥

The Reusable Invisible Freedom Bra helps women of all shapes and sizes reach their desired look. The adhesive tape offers ultimate support to lift up your breast and to create natural cleavage. The result is a perky, full, and busty look that will give all women the confidence to wear any outfit.

🔺Lifts Breasts In A Natural Way🔺

  • Push-ups and gives breasts a lift up.
  • Prevents sagging!
  • Shows natural cleavage and shapes the breasts.

Skin Friendly Silicone Material

  • Made of medical-grade material
  • They are guaranteed to be skin-friendly, breathable and not to cause any redness.
  • They stick to your breast well without falling off yet it is so easy to remove them.

Achieve Natural Cleavage With Reusable Invisible Lift-Up Bra! Fits All Cup Sizes

  • Don't worry about straps or adjusting it while dancing!
  • This tape is sweet-proof, waterproof, super-sticky reusable adhesive pads.
  • Fits all cup sizes. Just choose from the sizes available.

Easy to wash

  • Simply wet the adhesive surface with the warm water and mild detergent.
  • Air dry then reuse it again without losing the viscosity.

The Reusable Invisible Freedom Bra is the perfect addition to dresses, swimsuits, deep Vs, or any other outfit where a bra is not an option. It will help keep everything looking full and even.

Customizable To Fit

  • You can cut the rabbit ears for it to fit your clothing.
  • You can cut the ears if you have an off-shoulder gown.
  • Invisible under clothing, too!
  • These cups can adapt and suit your style!

👉Wearing Steps:
  • Ensure breasts are clean using a warm towel and completely dried  
  • Remove plastic film and set aside, and carefully align pasties over the breast and firmly apply
  • Using the clear tape on top, lift breast upward and firmly apply to the upper chest  
  • Once in place, refrain from making too many adjustments to minimize adhesive wear
🔔Use Tips:
  • Make sure your breasts are completely dry and clean before use
  • Do not apply moisturizers, lotion or perfumes to your breasts before use
  • After each use, simply hand wash the silicone pasties with warm water and mild soap
  • Do not expose pasties bra lift to the sun, naturally air dry
  • Do not use on damaged or inflamed skin
  • Do not wear silicone nipple covers for too long, especially those who have sensitive skin, and do not sleep with them on
  • S/M (A/B - diameter 9cm)
  • L/XL (C/D - diameter 11cm)
  • XXL (E/F - diameter 13cm)
  • XXXL (Extra large - diameter 15 cm)

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