Shoe Wearer
Shoe Wearer
Shoe Wearer
Shoe Wearer
Shoe Wearer
Shoe Wearer

Shoe Wearer

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Wear your shoes with the easiest & most convenient way

Your family may have these troubles: it's difficult for your parents to bend over, hard for pregnant women to squat, tough for children to tie shoelaces. Not anymore! Your feet can slide into shoes directly with our one-step design Lazy Shoe Lifter, break the traditional straight pull-type shoe lifter, put on the shoe in one step. No more wasting time & Struggle.

⭐Key Features & Benefits⭐

👞Helps you wear shoe quickly

  • Just clip & slide! Designed with ergonomic curvy shape and perfect angle, it helps you comfortably slip into your shoes without pinching or bulging, even with wide feet.

  • Ergonomic Design Smooth, rounded edges and curvy surface help you comfortably slip into your shoes, even with wide feet. Prevent improper way of shoe-wearing which causes over-friction and further pain to corns, calluses, etc.

👞Unique Design

  • Curve design provides great flexibility to bend while trying to slide on your shoes. Perfectly angled for easy gliding for your feet.

👞Provide Helps for Special People

  • Ideal for anyone especially for the elderly, Pregnant woman, kids and those who suffer from narrow shoe shape, mobility problems.


  • Weight:19G

  • Size: (17.5 × 5 × 2.5) CM

 🛎️Package Includes:

  • 1 of Shoe Wearer or 1 pair of Shoe Wearer

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